The Origin

In July 2016, five friendly rivals met one night over dinner. They entered the evening as mere acquaintances and after exchanging stories and discovering a shared love of tequila, the group decided to start a company inspired by their passion to create the finest tasting tequila.

The Vision

Create a naturally rich and delicious tequila that was ultra smooth with a long luxurious finish.

One Exceptional Tequila
Two Appellations

Cincoro Tequila captures the essence of both terroirs, uniquely using 100% Weber blue agave harvested from the Highland and Lowland appellations of Jalisco, Mexico.

The Bottle

Designed to reflect Cincoro’s sleek, contemporary, and unique tequila, the bottle evolved into a glass agave leaf sculpture reflecting the five owners with its five facet form. The “Crown” stopper inverts the bottle shape and at the base a 23 degree angle punt shows the Cincoro Fire Agave icon.

Our Bottle

Innovative Design

Innovation challenged the production glass molding processes with breakthroughs providing the unique curved posture. The gold Share Truth neck ring wraps around to reveal Five Gold; Cincoro name translated.